Hello Friends!

Thanks for finding me … I hope you roam around a bit before leaving!

Since my brother’s murder in 1994, my life has been a little nuts to say the least. I have worked hard in the last few years to streamline and to hone in on the things that are important to me: Speaking, Writing, Teaching.

I have been given tremendous opportunities to travel the country being an advocate for victim’s issues, as well as speaking out about judicial reform and the role of the media – topics that are deeply important to me. It’s a goal of mine to incorporate the things I love into my daily life; so I scribble my thoughts, I ramble when asked and I share my story with anyone that will listen (and even when they tune out, I still talk!)

I will do my best to keep the site updated, but feel free to come back and check things out.

Let’s agree to stay connected and empowered, shall we?

Keep in touch!

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