The National Compassion Fund

As a board member, nothing gives me a greater sense of pride than knowing that the work of the National Center for Victims of Crime is making a difference.  Not only do we provide programs and resources for victims to help them in their healing, we are now helping others lend their support.

This past week, in response to the tragic shooting at Fort Hood, the NCVC launched The National Compassion Fund.

“The National Compassion Fund provides a single, trusted way for the public to donate directly to victims of a mass crime, such as a shooting or terrorist attack. It has been developed by the National Center for Victims of Crime in partnership with victims and family members from past mass casualty crimes, including those from Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Oak Creek Temple, NIU, Columbine, and 9/11.”

You can now donate SAFELY to those impacted by mass casualties; you can trust that your donation will go directly to the intended recipient and victims/survivors will have one less thing to worry about as they begin their long journey.



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